Boss Hog is alive and well in Hampton FL

boss-hogThis is cringe worthy and made me laugh….

Critics of the town (population less than 500) argue that it has long existed for the sole purpose of enforcing a speed trap on a 1,260-foot stretch of highway. Issued tickets (12,698 between 2011 and 2012, according to the New York Times) resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

But where did the money go? No one knows. Auditors were told by city officials that some of the records were “lost in the swamp,” according to CNN.

CNN notes that while it does have a bloated police department, the town isn’t filled with McMansions or flashy cars.

But there are some signs of extravagance. The excess in fines allegedly resulted in a city clerk being overpaid to the tune of $9,000. Perhaps most amazing, according to the audit, city employees charged $132,000 on an account at a BP convenience store located next to City Hall. Other alleged offenses include a failure to insure city police cars and failure to track what became of the revenue that came from ticketing motorists.

“They make Boss Hogg look like a Sunday school teacher,” says sheriff.